Human Pheromones For Attraction

02/14/2015 00:38

When the opposite sex detects pheromones, “chemistry” is created. Get what you want, don't waste your money on useless products. Pherazone's recent release has resulted in features in major media and even an appearance in one of the most popular television series. Why? Pherazone products contain the highest quality human sex pheromone concentration from Europe that will make you irresistible to the opposite sex. With pheromones, women will find you more sexually attractive and easier to approach.

The Right Application of Pheromone Perfumes

The best way to apply pheromones is to use natural fibers (including paper). Of course, these can also be applied to the skin, but they do not last as long as on garments.  Experience the elegant women's fragrance designed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex, all while gaining added respect from the same sex. Discover velvety woods and extravagant florals with a potent human pheromone concentration

Pheromone Tests

Sellers have found that Androstenol benefits them when dealing with female customers. Older people seem to be enjoying their effects and seeing slight changes in the behavior of others towards them. (1). 1 Sellers have found that they benefit from pheromones when dealing with female customers. Older people seem to be enjoying their effects and seeing slight changes in the behavior of others towards them.

Pheromones easily affect where men and women sit down. Women are attracted to chairs that are sprayed with them, and men tend to avoid them. Furniture companies are said to have used it in their showrooms to draw attention to a hard-to-sell seating group. Men spray themselves to gain extra respect, acting more domineering or more intimidating.

Independent Research

It has been shown by independent scientists that in a number of 10 chairs, women often sit on chairs that have been sprayed with pheromones. It seems that women are subconsciously attracted to the chair in question and consider it as a sort of sanctuary. Learn about the role of human pheromones.

This experiment has been successfully repeated with telephone boxes, and it has been found that women not only use the sprayed cells more frequently but also increase the average talk time. In both experiments, the men reacted quite opposite. They tended to avoid both the sprayed stools and the telephones. It is believed that they wanted to avoid a territory that had already been taken over by someone more dominant than themselves.

The use of pheromones in debt collection by means of sprayed reminder letters was even patented. Reminders have a threatening effect on nature. Sprayed cover letters were paid more often and a little faster. At the subconscious level, it was reported that this letter was sent by someone who is dominant, aggressive and determined. The smell equivalent to red ink.

Avoid the Friend Zone with Pheromones!

Are you unfamiliar with the term friend zone? Perhaps the quickest way for you to become familiar is by taking a time out for a movie. Just Friends with Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds define it pretty well.

When does the friend zone designation occur? According to Reynolds (in the movie) it occurs when a woman can no longer see any possible chance of sex with you. Sounds harsh, but it is true, women tend not to have sex with their friends. Do you want to sidestep this fate? Pheromone cologne is the way around this trap, my friend. 

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Unless you are okay with becoming insignificant to this lovely woman who has become so important, you may want to employ some potent pheromones in your pick up game.

How long does it take for you to understand and adjust accordingly to the behavior of a woman? Current studies say it is about 15 days for both of these things to occur. Statistics also say that male friend have a 78% chance of moving on to lover status while 34% will end up in the zone.It is nothing short of amazing when you think about it, how a bit of pheromone in a cologne bottle could alter your life, perhaps even the rest of your life if she is the “one”. It is almost unbelievable, but there are tests and experiments to prove the possibilities. 


It is not enough to simply purchase a cologne that claims to have a pheromone inside.  Which pheromones? More importantly which pheromones do you need to land the women who are on your mind? Trust me, they are not all the same. Knowledge is power, particularly when you are talking about pheromones. Below we will discuss some of the best chemicals on the market for attracting women