Gay Pheromones Review Update

08/28/2015 18:42

Are you looking for the best gay pheromones to attract gay men? Many gay and bisexual men are becoming more adaptive to easily attracting others with unique gay pheromone sprays.

If you have ever wanted to become more attractive to your gay or bi-sexual partner, then now is a great time to spice things up with a scent of attraction. This is your chance to recapture that sexual excitement that you once shared early on in the relationship.

L’uomo Amore for gay men is a pheromone cologne of love between men to increase an intense eroticism. This unique gay pheromone is for MEN ONLY. It is custom tailored for men who love men. Now you can reinvigorate your sex life with this powerful innovation which increases sexual excitation, passion, and attraction while also releasing the burden of inhibition itself. Learn more about gay pheromones at

L’uomo Amore gay pheromones spray has been known to truly bring out the best in a gay man and successfully attract the same sex most effectively and with such an intrigue, it would be hard to describe. Yet, it is bound by its allure and magnetism that this pheromone cologne only possesses, for those of the same male gender.

Pheromones for Bi-Sexual Men

Have you ever wanted to get closer to your guy friend or buddy in a more intimate and sexual way?  Many bi-sexual men have often wondered what it would take to have a sexual experience with other guys.

Men have been effectively trying to get the attention needed for the same sex that includes more affection, attention, and an intense sexual experience that they will never forget. Now is your chance to experience what others have been talking about in the dating and social scenes.

L'uomo Amore

With L’uomo Amore gay pheromones, you can now get the attraction you need from the same sex. This is also one of the better aromatic scents that gay or bisexual men wear when out in public or any social event that requires their attention. The good thing about this is that you can get it in scented or an unscented spray.  For unscented spray, you can mix it with your favorite cologne to enhance any occasion.

This formula is designed to relax both you and your male partner and while promoting intense eroticism and attraction. So, if you are ready for a night of fun and passion, then this pheromone cologne spray is perfect attention better for the unique gay man in your life.

Man 2 Men

Man 2 Men Pheromone Spray for gay men, will have you scoring other men, faster and easier than ever. It creates a strong sexual aura and gives off a playful chemical message of youth, health, and sexual virility making men appear more sexually attractive and open to homosexual men. Wearing this blend you will have a pick and choice of sex partners every time you wear it.

For best results use in social situations where you have the opportunity to have sex with other men. However, it can still be used at work and around the home as a popularity enhancer.

Active ingredients: Androstadienone, androstanone, & androstenol.
Suggested dose: 1 - 2 sprays on clothes or skin.
Bottle size: 20ml.
Pheromone content: 1000 mcg (6.25 mcg per spray).