Best Pheromone Perfumes Update

08/31/2015 16:31

In this article, I talk about pheromone perfume. One of the cool things that I've found out about pheromones is they aren't just sexual attractants.  Pheromones refer to any chemical your body releases that tell other members of your species important information. That includes sexual or predatory information.

For example, when dogs and cats pee to mark their territory, they are actually releasing pheromones to mark the perimeter of their territory. And that's why they smell another cat or dog's pheromones in there and say they say, "no, no, no, wait a minute, that's my territory too!" And this is non-controversial for many parts of the animal kingdom.

About Pheromone Perfumes

Pheromone perfumes are synthesized scents from naturally produced pheromones that are proven to attract the opposite sex. They produce synthesized versions of this in order to make massive amounts. Usually, they come in odorless form and are sold in minimal quantities, because just a few drops would give you the effect that you want. It is only used externally.

They are subconsciously detected and give information about your immune system, fertility, your current state of sexual interest and appeal.  Some of these pheromones naturally trigger natural attraction, readiness and arousal and for sex and intimacy. With the right chemical-hormonal signals, people will automatically and instinctively respond to you without even realizing it.

Humans are still just base animals when it comes to mating. Yes, mating. Let me explain. The part of the human brain that is responsible for finding a partner does not know about the terms such as “love” instead, it act just the same as a gorilla’s or any other mammal would react when he spots a nice female of his species. This usually looks almost identical to what we see in cartoons when a strong male sees a nice looking female and goes hay-wire, jumping around, drooling all over etc.

Don’t think that you are any different when you are on the receiving end of a pheromone perfumes. Alright, our brain does give us that much control to keep us from jumping on the table and taking our clothes off if we sense a potential mate in a bar, but still. Learn more about pheromone perfume at and

Recommended Pheromone Perfumes

Increasingly broader market perfumes with pheromones, but there are certainly a number of exclusive products and 100% tested we recommend you feel irresistible, and others fall surrendered at your feet.

Essence of a Woman

When using Essence of a Woman perfume, you are simply applying pheromones on your body. Any man who is exposed to the smell of your copulins will immediately express an interest in you. This is to be used specifically at social gatherings where you are hoping to ‘get lucky’ with one of the men there. It can also be used by women whose marriage relationship in the bed has taken a nosedive. This is because Essence of a Woman is bound to immediately drive your husband crazy and want you like he has never wanted you before.

One thing should be made clear here, however. The essence of a Woman is not a perfume. It is not a cologne and as such, it should not be used with freshness in mind. It is a sexual substance that is meant to arouse men. It usually gives off a strong smell like that of sweat. You should also use it in small amounts as it is a bit like vitamins. A small portion is all that you need. Too much of it will not make its effects any stronger. You will only be wasting precious resources when you use it in large amounts.

This makes Essence of a Woman quite unlike pheromone-based based products. Other products usually contain numerous additives that are meant to drown away the natural scent of the pheromones. However, Essence of a Woman is available in its natural form and this makes its effects even stronger than scented copulins.

Alfa Donna Pheromones for Women

Alfa Donna Pheromones help enhance feminine pheromones, that natural chemical produced by a woman’s body that attracts a male sexually. No doubt the product works and there are no reasons why you should not try Alfa Donna Pheromones if you need some help catching the attention of that new boy in town. We recommend trying this product first before anything else.

Another reason why this product should be included in your shopping cart is that it is currently on sale for $59.50 USD coupled with a 100% money back guarantee. You’ll get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product if you request a refund within 90 days of the purchase date.

Phiero Night

Phiero Night is the original version of perfumes with pheromones. It consists of three natural pheromones synthesized in the laboratory. The main difference is the format roll-on or pocket that arouse sexual desire in any place and in a more comfortable way. Its aromatic blend of wildflowers and roll-on format, now cheaper, will allow you to carry in your bag anywhere and use it anytime you want to feel more than ever.

Phiero Premium Men

Phiero Premium is a perfume made from 3 pheromones and woody fragrances and achieves a perfect combination of smell. 

Phiero Woman

Phiero Woman is a perfume with wildflower essences and fragrances. Several pheromones have been added to increase your chances of attraction. This lotion with pheromones helps increase personal attractiveness and sensuality in women.