How Pheromones Influence Attraction

04/13/2015 15:36

Have ever seen an average looking man with a beautiful woman? You might wonder how he managed to attract her. In many cases, money is a great equalizer. However, it is not necessarily the only way to land a woman who is out of your league. Human attract is about more than sight. 

Understand that people are attracted to those who can make them laugh or share an intelligent conversation with them. There is also a subconscious element to the human attraction that appears in the form of pheromones. Learn more at

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are hormones that the body releases constantly and they have a major influence on attraction. When a woman senses these pheromones, she cannot help but feel attraction towards a man. This is because it is a biological reaction. 

Most women decide whether a man is a potential partner or just a friend within seconds of their first encounter. By using the right scent, you can immediately put yourself in the first category. This gives you an advantage over 99% of other men and, therefore, increases your odds of landing the girl.

When the woman takes your pheromones through her nose, it creates an immediate reaction in her brain. She then sees you as a potential sexual partner. 

The best part is that she is not even conscious of why she is attracted to you. She just finds you attractive for some reason. By getting into a woman’s brain in this manner, you can easily get yourself into her heart. Learn about the best pheromones at

How to Apply

The easiest way to use them is by spraying them onto your body. While your body produces its own pheromones, these will not necessarily attract the woman because they might not be what she desires. 

For example, the hormones that your body releases tell a great deal about your fertility and, therefore, how attractive a woman finds you. If you spray these desirable traits onto your body, women are sure to find you more attractive.

What is Found in Them

Most pheromones spray come with a few different hormones in them. And each of these hormones being formulated to increase a woman’s interest. Each hormone influences the biological reaction of the woman in a different way, although all of them are positive. 

The hormones that you should look for include androstenone and androsterone, as they are a huge key to physical attraction

When to Apply

The spray that you apply does not smell, so it can be difficult to tell when it has worn off and when you should reapply. As a rule, you should reapply every eight hours to keep the attraction level high. 

It might be a good idea to take a small bottle with you wherever you go since you should not want to run out while in the middle of a date. This is especially true because the pheromones that you use could ensure that the date lasts overnight. Therefore, you will want this attraction to remain well into the morning hours

Try it Today

People now bathe so often and use such strong scents on their bodies that it is almost impossible for a potential partner to pick up on their natural pheromones. It is also becoming more difficult for the body to produce them on our own since people are less active. 

You, however, can use the shortcomings of other people to your own advantage by purchasing one of these sprays. There is nothing better than having women finding themselves immediately attracted to you without knowing why. When you have this weapon at your disposal, half of the battle has already been won.