What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?

09/06/2015 14:19

These two questions will probably occupy many who deal with the matter a little. Here we would like to try to put some light into the dark in a simple way.

What Are They?

These are chemical substances that not only the human body but also give animals to influence each other in some way. In the meantime, it has become so common in humans that many like to use additional pheromones to increase their attractiveness and their professional success.

How Pheromones Work

The smell of pheromones penetrates the nose, touching the vomeronasal organ (VNO), which sends signals to the hypothalamus. In this way, pheromones can directly affect the sexual center of humans.  

However, the topic of pheromone production in humans is a controversial one. The VNO organ was discovered in 1703 and then proved in later years that it is the docking point of pheromones and may even affect emotions such as fear and pleasure. The famous "sixth sense" often refers to this property. Learn more at https://pheromones-work.weebly.com

For this reason, it can also be deduced why someone finds another person attractive due to pheromones. Even if the logical understanding speaks against a force of attraction, the smell of a person can make really crazy for him or her. This is what nature intended, and every time you sweat you release a few pheromones. In short; these chemical attractants will make you more attractive and get the attention of others.

This should make it easier to find partners. And perfumes with pheromones are a good trick to successful flirting. Reviews show that most people think that these products are very effective and increase not only sexual attractiveness but also self-esteem. Learn more at  https://thongchaimedical.org

Increase Romance

In addition, many people use pheromones as a trick to seduce women on special occasions, such as Valentine's Day. What could be better than to spend the Valentine's Day flirting with a romantic interest? Who can find love or success, if only he sits around? For this reason, occasions like Valentine's Day are great for using pheromones. They are available in the usual perfume size, but also in a small size on the go. You can easily apply them anytime. With a pheromone perfume, you gain confidence and forget those fears or concerns. Instead, you will feel even more attractive. 

The Smell of Love

The signals from pheromones increase attraction and sexual feelings. Intuition plays an important role here, even if one prefers to rely on the rational. These pheromone perfumes are made for love. So, to find love, sometimes you have to change your routine. 


The most cited and groundbreaking study on the effects of pheromones is by Claus Wedekind, University of Lausanne, in 1995. He allowed men to wear the same T-shirt for three days without being allowed to wash. After these three days, a group of women presented the worn T-shirts for "smell test" and a control group unworn T-shirts. 

The result showed that the women who smelt on the worn T-shirts could see an attraction in it. Whereas there was no change in the control group. The pheromones released by men include androstadienone, which is found in colognes and perfumes. Learn more at https://astrobiosociety.org


Have you tried everything that you could but you still have not been successful in dating? Or perhaps you already have your special someone, but you are not as attracted to him as when you just first met? Then perhaps you need a pheromone to spice up your romantic life.