How Do Pheromones Work

09/14/2015 02:33

As long ago as 1703 scientists were aware of an organ in the nasal cavity of mammals known as the vomeronasal organ or VNO. This organ is used to detect pheromones and was thought to be an evolutionary leftover in humans, a bit like the appendix. Learn more about how pheromones work at

However, over the last 25 years, scientists have discovered that this organ is responsible for pheromone detection in humans. Fact. Brain scans and numerous anthropological studies have proved it time and time again. It took a while to narrow down the exact chemical that women were responding to, but after years of study, the human pheromone 5-Alpha-Androst-16-En-3-One Androstenone was found to be responsible.

Androstenone Pheromone

Androstenone pheromone is detected by the VNO in women and heightens their sexual desire. Sexual desire is obvious. Over 70% of people involved in studies of androstenone pheromone over the years have reported an increase in touching, kissing and sexual intercourse. The feedback we get from our clients suggests an almost "instant" sex appeal for the wearer. Learn more at

The phrase "ALPHA MALE" is a common one. And it's hard to put your finger on why someone is referred to as the alpha male of a group. Studies have shown that these people have high levels of naturally produced androstenone pheromone. Not only does this androstenone pheromone increase women's sexual desire (by increasing the males perceived value as a mate), it also changes the behavior of other males around you. We have many businessmen who buy our product to dominate boardrooms and meetings. It is fascinating stuff and you will get a lot of pleasure seeing the change in people around you. The full 22mg of androstenone we put in each bottle is the perfect blend...

Getting "The Perfect Pheromone Blend"

The important thing to remember about pheromones is that they are subtle. You need to get the blend of androstenone pheromone to the base (called the "evaporate") exactly right to avoid a detectable odor (a bit like stale sweat). Attractant pheromone is perfectly balanced. It has an ALMOST undetectable scent and nobody will ask if you "smell anything odd". Girls WILL notice however, they won't know WHY, but they will be attracted to you, and more likely to approach you, flirt with you and DATE you! You will notice a subtle change in the way people behave around you, most noticeably if you approach women. You know those girls that you thought were "unapproachable"? - They are not anymore....

I first bought Pherazone pheromones a few years ago, I thought it was worth a try and bought one bottle. The effect was so amazing that I have since bought it again and will continue to do so. I wore it at university and the change was instantly noticeable, getting that second look or longer eye contact. It also gave me the extra bit of confidence I needed to go and talk to these women. Before I knew it I had more phone numbers than I could handle.


We have been reviewing high-quality androstenone pheromones for OVER 10 YEARS! Our product has hundreds of repeat customers and a TINY fraction of our customers take advantage of our money back guarantee. We KNOW our product works and works well. We have given a FULL money back guarantee since we set up this website to sell directly to the public in 2000. You will be amazed, maybe even shocked, at how well this product works. Learn more at