Human Pheromones Attraction Science

03/10/2018 05:29

Pheromones are chemical compounds secreted by an individual sender and send reproductive responses to a receiver of the same species. We should start with the facts about pheromone induction and the Vomeronasal organ. I learned that once the animal is no longer sexually naïve and origin, the olfactory system can learn these chemical cues. That's an important thing to remember because, in the studies involving human pheromones or the studies trying to determine, if pheromones exist, probably none of the samples are going to be virgins.

What We Know About Pheromones

So here are the facts on non-primate species or thereof. Scientists found some genes that are associated with pheromone detection and the Vomeronasal organ and when turning off these receptors they found that it severely impaired sexual function.  However, when doing comparative genomic analyses with various primate species, they found that these genes are non-functional in overall friendly species. The theory is that primates developed the genes to see color vision they lost the olfactory cues when it came to being attractive to a mate.

Now, here are the facts about pheromones in humans. There have been anatomical studies that have been done that show the Vomeronasal organ can be located in the nasal septum. However, there's really no clear evidence that there are active nerve bundles there or functional receptor genes.

A recent study found that one in five men can detect androstenol. The rest of the participants could detect it after six weeks. Learn more at

Where is all this Androstenone in human pheromones coming from?

Scientists found that men have a response to female pheromone perfumes and vice versa. With these results, everybody has cited over and over and over in various mainstream news articles that human pheromones exist. And they say that this is clear evidence that humans have a functional vomeronasal organ and that they detect pheromones in a similar way. A lot of these studies are funded by the Erox corporation that manufactures androstenone, which is a steroid found in human sweat. Learn more at

And this is the result. Not only have they marketed pheromone perfumes, but it's kind of a snowball effect where lots of other companies want to cash in on the pheromone craze. As a result, you have lots of expensive perfumes people are buying them because they think that they will have a better sex life. They think they will to be able to attract more people. Unfortunately, many of these products feed off people's insecurities.


So while there is some evidence to support human pheromones and some that do not, it is best to try them for yourself. Not everyone will have the same outcome. What this all means is that humans are sophisticated organisms and attraction is more than just chemical signals released into the air. Learn more at