Chikara Pheromone Cologne Review

03/02/2018 18:46

Today I am going to talk about pheromones and review Chikara pheromone cologne. Chikara for men is an extremely popular product. It comes in several versions. It comes in a scented Cologne Gel packs if you just want to try it out and an unscented Cologne.

First Impressions

I personally liked the scent of this cologne the best. I just think it's easier to use than trying to layer other colognes on top of pheromone products, which kind of can have a weird scent. This eliminates all of that. This is one of the most popular pheromones for men. It's good for attracting women and for making people in general feel more at ease around you.


It uses seven total pheromones in the formula, including Androstenedione, Androstenol, Androsterone. And it also has three additional pheromones and 10 milligrams per bottle. That's a lot. So this is a great, great product.


Let's look at some of the reviews and see what people think about it. There are 20 reviews for the Chicara Cologne for men product on 15 of the 25 out of five stars. There are three, four out of five star reviews, and that means they're only three lower reviews. Let's look at the lower reviews first. I just kinda want to get this out of the way so you can see what people I'm saying. Learn more at

The first review said this did not work for him. Now, guys, this is something that you need to know about pheromones. If you're going to plan on using them, you want to start out with a little bit. Pheromones can make you seem more sexually aggressive than you normally would. So you need to start out with a little bit and then kind of work your way up till you get the kind of responses that are right for you. Because what you want to see, what you want to find is that you want to be an Alpha male without scaring the girls off.

So start out with a small amount. Now let's look at some of the higher ratings. This is a great one. "I use Chicara for the first time this morning and will never buy another cologne. The sales lady at the store, which was probably in her thirties, seemed to be overly helpful. Giving me compliments about my looks in the way I smell it. I love this stuff. Thank you Love-Sent." OK, let's take a look at just one more here.

Honestly, Chikara has come closest to how I envisioned pheromone colognes to work. Coworkers had been more talkative towards me and more touchy-feely. Friends and casual acquaintances have been warmer and more intimate and strangers have opened up more often sometimes with a single word. For me, the set is great. It would work, in my opinion, in most settings. Learn more at https://anatomist.inf

Chicara is the real deal. It won't work magic by itself, but it will help start a few fires.