What Are Pheromones Used For?

Pheromones are so-called messengers. These are small particles that allow communication at the biochemical level between living things of a species. As early as 1959, the scientist Peter Karlson wrote a definition of pheromones. "Substances that are released from one individual to the outside and trigger specific reactions in another individual of the same species." This actually represents the function and function of the hormones quite clearly.

Here we already have the first special feature: pheromones of one species only affect beings of the same species, but not other species. For example, the pheromones of a dog do not work on humans, but humans do not have the same effect on dogs. These messenger substances are therefore limited to their species. But what communication do these messenger substances support specifically?

What Are Pheromones Used For?

It has been known for some time that animals and insects have no control over the chemical signals that tell them what to do. New research suggests that humans, too, process the cues delivered by pheromonal messages, and that these messages travel straight to our primitive brains. Learn more at https://sundowndivers.org/

Pheromones are thought to originate from steroids produced in the body; when those steroids flow to the skin, they are metabolized and transformed into pheromones. The most potent pheromone centers are located in the groin, the armpits, and, interestingly, in the narrow strip of skin between the base of the nostrils and the upper lip the nasal sulcus. This may be why people kiss—to more effectively sniff out each other’s pheromones. 

Pheromones are processed by two tiny organs inside the base of each nostril. Kissing, then, is an ingenious way to get the nose closer to a pheromone rich region of the body. The human skin is also the springboard for some pheromones. One inch of skin contains an average of 625 sweat molecules. Learn more at https://solenoidrocks.com

How They Work

Surely you've heard something about pheromones, this unknown stuff that's supposed to be pouring out of our bodies and that helps us make other people love each other?  There are many misconceptions circulating around on the internet. That's why I finally want to present the facts.

Taking the insects as an example, we see them using pheromones to mark their territory, finding nesting and feeding sites, and finding sexual partners. The following pheromones are distinguished: aggregation, alarm, marker, track, sex, and aphrodisiac pheromones. The last two are the ones that will interest us here. 

Pheromones have played an essential role in the animal world and control the behavior of all species. The honey bees have the most complex pheromone system in the entire animal world. This is because they have 15 different glands from which they release pheromone mixtures. Especially the honey bee queen gives off a pheromone mixture, which has a big influence on the behavior of the swarm.

Pheromones control the social behavior, the maintenance of the honeycombs, the swarming out and the training of the ovaries of the worker bees. One has to make clear what kind of power this queen lives in. Any dictator in human history would be envious if he himself could send out such pheromones.

Pheromones in Colognes

The most competitive brands who claim their pheromones to be the strongest in the world are actually weakest! That's why Pherazone sells only tested, proven high-quality pheromones that really work. Learn more at https://astrobiosociety.org

Human Pheromones

BBC News was famed for conducting an informal test to prove that the female pheromone could attract men more than a female who looked the same, and did not omit the female pheromone. In order to test this theory, ABC News used synthetic pheromones on two sets of identical twins in a single’s bar. In their informal test, they used one set of identical male twins and one set of identical female twins.

One member of each pair of twins was then given a spritz of an unscented pheromone spray. At the same time, the other member of the pair of twins was given a spritz of a plain and unscented witch hazel spray that contained no pheromones.

The members of the study were asked to go to different sections of a busy and popular bar that was located in New York City. The twins were all told to not make the first move, but rather sit and wait to be approached. In the test, the men received almost the equal attention from females. Remarkably, however, the twin female who was wearing the synthetic pheromone spray was approached by a total of thirty men. Whereas, her sister who did not have any pheromone spray only ended up being approached by eleven men.


A similar informal test was performed at a singles bar in Germany. In this test, hidden cameras were used, as well as identical twin females wearing the same dresses. Once again like the informal ABC News test, one twin sister used the synthetic female pheromone spray and one did not. Once again, the twin sister who wore the supplemental pheromone received significantly more attention from men.

It was long been proven that an average-looking female will receive much more attention from men if she omits the female pheromone that men find seductive. It attracts the woman to them. When men looked at pictures of women in many studies, they rated them as being more attractive when a scentless female pheromone spray was omitted near them. Aside from attracting men, the female pheromone can make a woman feel much more confident, sexy, and seductive.


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