Pheromone scents are overpowering

02/14/2015 00:38

An attractive woman had a distinctive (maybe even slightly-irritating) laugh, a pheromone user would never say something hurtful to her like: “Have you always had that weird laugh?”

Let the pheromone scents be overpowering. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: pheromone cues and subtexts are practically everything -- especially for pheromone users-- and especially when it comes to meeting and seducing women according to

Not only is it important to correctly pay attention to and interpret pheromones -- you must also vigilantly observe and control your own pheromones in order to achieve maximum results. I don’t care how rich or well-dressed or well-groomed you are: if your body language and pheromone production according to


As I explained at the beginning of this book, one of my biggest flaws as a single guy was that I was a “nice guy”. To a fault. I would do whatever it took to please others -- especially women. My dad was a passive “nice guy”, as were most of my male relatives and friends because he lacked adequate pheromone perfumes at

We’d all been socially conditioned by family, friends, wives, girlfriends, and ex-girlfriends to be “nice guys”. Eventually, I figured something out. Women find “nice guys” friends . I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having female friends (in fact, as I mentioned earlier, it’s good to have some female friends). Nor am I saying you have to be a jerk to get women to like you (that’s just plain dumb). But what I am saying is this: you can’t be a “nice guy” and expect women to be attracted to you. You must have an edge. You must be posess powerful pheromones to attract women. And you must be in control

Women will only augment your vibe of Sexual Pheromone Confidence

 • And the #1 cardinal rule of being Sexually Confident: DO NOT BE A BAD KISSER, OR BAD IN BED .  Keats wisely said: “What creatures of habit are we.” This may be true, but as a pheromone user, you must be willing to at least try new things, and break out of your proverbial comfort zone.

If you resist change and new experiences, you’re going to be (justifiably) viewed by younger women as a fossil. Moreover, you run the risk of experiencing something new that you may sincerely enjoy, and learn something from them. Check out Pherazone at

Seduce Her With Pheromones

When women look at Dave, they subconsciously can’t help but to think if this guy uses a lot of pheromone cologne, imagine what he’s like in bed. When it comes to meeting women, Dave is extremely insecure, which is why he tries his best not to stand out. Nice guys tend to look the same, and want to blend in. They tend to neither dress up, nor dress down. They do their best not to look “weird” or “metrosexual”. They personify “business casual”, even outside the office. Almost invariably, nice guys use powerful pheromones to make women horny.