Pheromone Usage Tips

12/06/2015 04:22
I always feel really stupid when using pheromones. Because I always think:"there was this Ricky who was younger than me, who had his act and wisdom more together than me on this area."
The most interesting one was a realization that life can be as simple as in the way I handled it when I was 3 years old "hey wanna be my friend? Cool let me show you my room " I had that realization a few weeks ago (I can just talk to anyone, hey I did that, when I was 3, damnit I knew this pheromone attraction stuff!  ). Learn more about pheromones at and
Right now I want to write about one which is actually a very important one. I feel really stupid that I forgot this (not the correct word but for lack of a better one). It's this thought about pheromones that drives me nuts. Learn about
Don't take your thoughts so seriously!
I always had this thing going on. Whenever I got a thought i immediately thought: that's just bullshit. And in almost all cases I was right. First thoughts are most of the time the most irrational thoughts there are, at least in me and the logic is never ever coherent enough to make it stable. Then again, it's quite hard to have coherent logic anyway with real pheromone production. Learn more about pheromones at
This realization is based upon one important principle that I live(d) by. This is the one thing that I got out of NLP / CBT which is: there is always another way to explain everything. I'm not talking about the universe, I'm talking about why people do stuff, I'm talking about social interactions, about one owns life philosphy. There is a reframe around every corner and it will reframe you in such a way that everything else in your life can potentially feel meaningless. I had it happen several times with natural pheromones.
When someone believes this insight (I do), then how on earth can I take my thoughts so serious? I can't, at least not anymore. Because of this meditation thing I didn't reframe my thoughts a lot anymore, because I always get in this confusion that 'I shouldnt think', which is bullshit because thoughtlessness is not what meditation is about, but I trained myself 50 hours in that kind of pheromones meditation so it kinda stuck.
Meditation is about observing things (e.g. your body) VNO and in that sense it perfectly aligns with the whole idea of reframing. The idea of reframing is especially good at showing the impermanence of ideas themself. Take a different frame and the whole evaluation changes.
I'll reinstate the believe again that a lot of things that I think are bullshit. I did this before, it was a system that worked pretty well for me, I know the corner cases when I should not be thinking this, etc. Use pheromones to make attraction feasible.