Pheromone Behavior in Girls

04/13/2015 16:01

It is not the behavior of a pheromone seducer to make a mystery of the fact that he likes to have sex with women at his own will using his own pheromone perfume. So, if a woman asks from you “Why you look at me like that?” you smile and say: “You are beautiful. I want to fuck you.” Learn more about pheromones at

She will be shocked, blame you, and tell you that you are a pig… BUT, the woman in her will become instantly wet for your natural male pheromones in spite of that. Your own pheromones are something sacred for you, it happens on your own terms and you are proud of it…like a Prince. Learn more at

Don’t Use Pheromones All The Time

Disappear from her sight at times: pheromone users have secret missions. While I am still writing this book, I am following how Prince William behaves.

Well, there we have a real man: he has been in the front line with his troops in Afghanistan and they had to force him away from there! You are not credible as a Prince if you always have your pheromones being used and watch television all the time while she cooks in the kitchen.

Well, that also helps: never make the mistake of wearing too much androstenone! If you want to relief her pains with the house, use less Pherazone and use that money to buy real pheromones. Don’t have her watch at you while you clean the floor and change the underwear to babies. You should be out there on a secret mission with your white horse and so that she does not necessarily know if you will come back, or will you come back dead or alive. That is what keeps your woman horny: a man with a secret mission w ho is far from her at times.

Pheromone attraction is not the same think like being a pussy or a wimp according to other sites Pheromones are something totally different: it is the quality of a King! You are the Prince from Afar and you will rule a Kingdom one day. You have responsibilities towards your people, but you never, ever kiss your people up.

Pheromones Empower Women

Your main job is to give your people a better life through the use of pheromone colognes and sprays. So learn to give to women from a position of magnanimity . If you give to her, follow the Bible: “Shall not your left hand know what the right does.” If you make a present to a woman or protect her and your interest from the position of a Prince, she will be constantly horny for you.