Increase Their Pheromone Production

09/14/2015 02:33

I meet a lot of men who are sexually frustrated because they lack pheromones. Many of them exist in a state of sexual exile with no idea how to increase their pheromone production. One day their partner says “no,” and she never stops saying no. They don’t know what went wrong, and they have no idea how to turn it around. They’re angry and feel tricked. How does a man get here? How does he become so sexually powerless in relationship with his woman that he doesn’t know what to say to her, much less how to turn around her “no?” How does a man find himself groveling for sexual intimacy, having lost all confidence and dignity? Learn more at and

One of the biggest issues most men have with women is: how to respond to a woman’s “no.” As simple as this might seem, it’s actually quite complex regarding human pheromone cologne. Your sexual relationship with a woman is a dance. How you move, and how you choose to lead when she resists, has everything to do with how flexible and giving she’s going to be with you sexually advanced thanks to

Women who once seemed to really enjoy sex and actually have a hunger for sexual intimacy may have many reasons for suddenly saying no to sex. Some of those reasons may honestly have nothing to do with you. Men find release from stress in sex where most women can’t enjoy sex when they are stressed by pheromone releasage thanks to

The hormonal changes of pregnancy, menstrual cycles, and menopause affect a woman’s sexual desire. And, some women, in order to get a relationship commitment, become the kind of sexual creature they think men want, even though they know they cannot sustain it. Men, of course, do the same thing when they become the kind of romantic and sensitive partner they think a woman wants when they know they cannot maintain it. As a man you will probably want sex pheromones more than she does, and this creates a kind of tension. So first, it is important to understand that, in part, why a woman begins saying no to sex has nothing to do with you. Your time and energy is much better spent on the factors that are within your control your pheromones.

When you’re feeling sorry for yourself, betrayed, or tricked by your woman’s lack of interest, or her waning interest, these feelings contribute heavily to furthering her lack of desire for you. You may not realize it, but you’re feeling this way because you don’t feel you have a choice. She gets her way, and you feel forced to accept that pheromones are for real.

When you decide that a woman is the sexual boss and you follow her mandates, she acts like your boss. You don’t get to decide when you have sex, if you have sex, or how you have sex. You go along with her program and get whatever sex you can. When a woman knows that this what you’ll settle for, you lose power in her eyes!

You might think you’re doing what a loving man should do by being compliant and non-demanding, but these passive actions have a negative effect on how she views you and feels about your pheromones.