New research on Pheromones

Pheromones certainly explain sexual attraction in moths. Seems to me there’s more to it in this human relationship. But that doesn’t mean that it will never be explained. Even if the explanations are not fully formed at this time, the current thinking among a growing number of scientists is that pheromones might very well represent the essence of human communication. As pheromones function in the company of our other senses, they provide the information necessary to discern good from bad, desirable from undesirable, aggressive from passive. They can announce the undeniable tingle of gut feelings and the wake-up call of intuition. They can tell us when to advance, retreat, or just sit tight. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, said, “The intuitive mind tells the thinking mind where to look next.” Thanks to innovative research into human pheromones, it appears that the true sixth sense is becoming more clearly understood.

Pheromone Basics

It has been known for some time that animals and insects have no control over the chemical signals that tell them what to do. New research suggests that humans, too, process the cues delivered by pheromonal messages, and that these messages travel straight to our primitive brains. Here is some interesting information on pheromones ... Learn more about Max Attraction Gold at

Pheromones are thought to originate from steroids produced in the body; when those steroids flow to the skin, they are metabolized and transformed into pheromones. The most potent pheromone centers are located in the groin, the armpits, and, interestingly, in the narrow strip of skin between the base of the nostrils and the upper lip the nasal sulcus. This may be why people kiss—to more effectively sniff out each other’s g pheromones. Pheromones are processed by two tiny organs inside the base of each nostril. Kissing, then, is an ingenious way to get the nose closer to a pheromone rich region of the body. The human skin is also the springboard for some pheromones. One inch of skin contains an average of 625 sweat molecules. Here is some information on pheromones at . 

Using Pheromones in a Relationship

I’m in a long distant relationship and I use pheromone cologne to seduce my girlfriend. We leave 3 hours apart from each other. We have been together for two years. So lately I was feeling so disconnected from him because he does not give me as much attention as he used to, he is not traveling to see me like he used to.

Anyway every time I try to have conversation about why he is acting the way he is he says that he stressed out  about his work and everything else. Yesterday we had 2 years anniversary since we met he did not come to see me and he is not coming for day. I care a lot about him and love him so much but everyone around me keep saying that he might be seeing other people or he is not that into me anymore. When I ask him that question he says that he is not seeing anybody that he is just trying to get his staff together. I know human pheromones have made him more attracted to me according to

This is just really small part of everything thats happening right now between him and I really need some help.


08/27/2015 19:59
Pheromone results are promising and detailed published information is still forth- coming. Meanwhile Kaae et al. (1972) have shown that a single pheromone (-7- dodecenyl acetate) has a disruptive effect on the chemical communication of six different insect species. This is clearly also attractive...
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The pheromonal sub communication level. You realise that human pheromones are considerably less important than the tiny micro-level cues you give off which are basically driven by the your identity and your state at any given moment according...